So I will be the first to admit that I’m FAR from being “green”. Try as I might, I forget my reusable shopping bags 9 times out of ten, and I hardly know a thing about what’s truly organic or how you compost food. I AM though, ready and willing to learn. And this is part one of this blog.

I want to learn to compost (even though my husband and I live in condo with no foreseeable way to transfer our kitchen compost to an outside compost pile) and I want to learn how to grow the best, freshest herb garden right in our little window. I want to make reusable produce bags like these (and actually remember to take them with me!) And I want to investigate our condo’s community garden and get down and dirty this summer to grow our own produce.

My second part of this blog is to save some green. I’m dead-set on learning and mastering the art of couponing and deal shopping. Someday the plan is for me to stay at home when we have children (several years down the road), but I want to have stable financial practices in place so we can ease into the transition and learn how to do a lot with a little.

I want this blog to be a documentary of God’s blessings for us. Because what could be more rewarding?

Care to join me on my little excursion?