And some failure, well at least the failure was just in the blogging world.

See, I’ve been trying to be a better online user and make a different password for every website that I visit. But, I’ve signed up/changed passwords for a million different websites this week and only remember one when I push another one out of my brain. So after three failed attempts to sign into my new blog, I reset my password. Then somehow spent another five minutes trying to sign in after that.

Tonight is just not my night. It’s been a long day.

BUT, the good news is that before this wretchedly long week began I did have some success in my green adventures. We are now the proud owner of reusable produce bags! I “caved” in and purchased our bags from Crate and Barrel instead of making my own. After a little research, I realized that we couldn’t find the right material easily, which means shopping online, which means shipping costs…well, basically it didn’t make sense to make our own when these were less expensive in the long run. Since, well, this blog is about being FRUGAL also.

So maybe you’re wondering why we would even want reusable produce bags in the first place (besides the obvious landfill issues). I like the idea of having something durable that you can wash and reuse a million times over. I’m all about durability rather than disposability. And since our plastic grocery bags are most likely being banned in November of this year (or at least that’s one of the proposed dates…) it just made sense to go a step further and get reusable produce bags – who knows when those will be banned? I like being prepared. 🙂

So here’s to shopping with fun new bags. (Ok, so I like the novelty too). Here’s hoping we’re able to find some amazing deals on organic fruits and veggies!