C and I were sitting around after work on Tuesday wondering what to do. I was feeling a bit under the weather, and neither of us had much energy to anything. So we scoured Hulu for something to watch and discovered The Future of Food. We had watched Food, Inc. last year and seriously started thinking about what we eat, where it comes from and what shortcuts big companies are taking to undercut the little guy and make production cheap (and in many cases dangerous).

So we had heard about the big dangerous company(ies) (that will remain nameless on this blog since I’m a scaredy-cat) that are pretty much starting to control our food. They’re buying up patents on basic foods like corn, wheat, canola, etc. Besides that, they’re genetically modifying our food. Which means they’re altering the genetic make-up of what we eat – with little regards to testing to see if it’s truly safe for human consumption.

You really should watch the documentary. They’ll explain all the detailed scariness of GM food in a much better (and clearly expressed) way than me. Plus, they are much more qualified to back up what they say.

But, what did I think of it? It’s eye opening. I knew genetically modified food existed, but I didn’t realize how it was done. I didn’t realize that when a food is genetically modified a COMPANY OWNS that food. (Doesn’t that seem just a little wrong?) I didn’t realize that that company can than sue a farmer for all he’s worth just because the wind blows seeds around. I didn’t realize that all of this GM food is just being slid into our foods. Did you know that most corn syrup is from genetically modified corn? Corn syrup is in everything nowadays.

It makes me stop and think what eating all of this chemically altered food does to us. We know that hormone fed cows are bad for girls and women. It makes me wonder if these differences in food are causing the seeming upswing in cancer like hormone beef can do. There’s a case study in the documentary about the Flavr Savr Tomatoes by Calgene. This tomato was given the FDA seal of approval even though the tomatoes cause stomach lesions in lab rats. What else is in our foods that is causing disease that we just have no idea is in there. Things aren’t required to be labeled as genetically modified.

Do you really know what you’re eating?

Whether you agree or disagree with genetically modified food, watch the documentary, to at least give it a chance. Broaden your horizons and see what is out there. Who do you want to control our food? Local farmers and home-based back yard gardens or huge corporations?

All I know is that after watching these documentaries I want to grow my own food from organic seeds and buy as much organic food as I can!