C and I just recently caught colds. No fun.

One of the things I hate most about regular-old-colds is the scratchy, swollen, irritated throat that makes it hurt to swallow or talk and makes you cough when you try. But at least there’s a good remedy for it that’s super easy to make (and I mean really easy).

Hot Lemon and Honey

Squeeze enough honey to make layer on bottom of mug (if I was to estimate maybe a couple teaspoons?)

Pour lemon juice over honey (maybe 1/8 cup?)

Pour hot water over to fill mug, and stir.

Obviously this is not an exact science, and I prefer to make mine extra lemony and honey-y than the rest of my family growing up did/does. Make sure you add enough honey. Not only does it make it taste good, but it’s what coats your throat to ease that scratchy feeling. Adjust the recipe as you’d like for taste (and mug size).

I’ve been guzzling this stuff down for the last two days. So good.

And while we’re at it…take a look at this warm cozy mug. Being sick makes me want a mug like this to cozy up with and snuggle away the day.

[you can find this mug cozy at The Wayside Violet]