As promised, I’m letting you know how my experience was with the Martha Stewart Clean Bathroom Cleaner was.

First off this is what the bottle states on the back:

Knowing how important it is to keep our families and our planet healthy, we’ve created Martha Stewart Clean, a line of homekeeping products made from safer, environmentally-friendly ingredients. Martha Stewart Clean Bathroom Cleaner is safe for all surfaces. It removes soap, mildew, and mineral deposits, and contains no preservatives or strong chemicals that can damage finishes, which allows bacteria to grow.

It sounds nice, and it has simple ingredients: water, buffer (citric acid), plant surfactant (Decyl Glucoside). All ingredients are safe. And the bottle claims that it’s a 99+% pant-& mineral-based cleaner. And the price was right, less than $4…which is a little more than Clorox GreenWorks and much less than fancier brands like Mrs. Meyer’s or Caldrea.

Which is why the smell of it shocked me. It smells horribly like every other old bathroom cleaner. A strong chemically-solvent smell. I’m not quite sure which ingredient causes it to smell like that, but I was disappointed. My bathroom smelled like chemicals and it irritated my nose nearly as much as Scrubbing Bubbles does. I don’t quite understand it.

Cleaning Power

Again, in this arena there wasn’t a whole lot to say. The directions state to spray on, let sit a minute and wipe off. Then, use daily to prevent build up by spraying and rinsing off.

I followed the directions and sprayed and waited and wiped. But not much really happened. It picked up some of the top layers dirtier spots, but I had to respray most of the shower and let sit for longer than a minute to really seem to get it clean it. And, unfortunately it mainly looked like it was streaking – especially on the chrome surfaces. I had to spray, wipe and dry to not get horrible streaks.

I haven’t tried it for daily use yet, so maybe it will work better that way. Though, I have no desire to have my bathroom smell like this cleaner everyday. I’m still going to keep it (maybe) and see if it gets any better? I’m not keeping my hopes up. The only redeeming factor about this cleaner is that it’s 99+% natrual.

I really wanted this cleaner to work, but it looks like my quest for a good, chemical free cleaner is still ongoing. I’m even considering returning it or writing to the company to tell them my experience.

Don’t waste your time with this one, I’m sure there are better green cleaners out there.