C and I gave in a bought the Nellie’s Dryer Balls.

…and then we gave in and bought the scented sticks to, in lavender.


Once again, I am in LOVE with Nellie’s. In all honesty, I can’t quite say I love these more than the laundry soda, but only because I’m convinced the laundry soda is the next-best, well-kept-secret in laundry care.

Dryer Ball Claims versus Performance

Nellie’s makes some pretty hefty claims for their dryer balls. This is from their website:

“The unique design of the Dryerballs lift and separate fabrics while relaxing fibers. The result is less lint and wrinkles, softer clothes, more absorbent towels and a reduced drying time of up to 25% – saving you moolah! Best of all, it’s toxic-free, environmentally friendly, and guaranteed to last up to 2 years. That’s equivalent to a whole lotta dryer sheets.


Dryerballs lift and separate clothes, moving air efficiently through the dryer. This reduces drying by 15-25%. And because the clothes are not all balled up in a bunch, 10 minutes on medium heat will also push wrinkles right out and help eliminate lint buildup on your clothes.

For $20, plus tax, the Dryerballs will last you 3-5 years. That works out to around $4 a year – and you’ll also save on your electricity on top of not having to buy fabric softeners. With two boxes of fabric softener costing $20 and lasting one to two months in an average household, your Dryerballs will pay for themselves in their first use.”

Here’s the findings proving that they work. (Seventh Question there)

So, do they live up to the claims?

1) Does it reduce wrinkles?
This one needs more testing on my part (as I haven’t really used these with our most wrinkle-prone clothing articles). But so far (for t-shirts at least), so good.

2) Softer Clothes and Softer Towels?
YES! This is my FAVORITE part about these. I did a load of towels yesterday with amazing results. When I took the towels out of the dryer they were not only softer and fluffier, but they felt thicker. I thought that I might be crazy, so I made C feel them – and he agreed. Our towels were fluffed up so much that they felt thick again and more absorbent. If nothing else, these dryer balls are totally worth it for fluffy towels every morning. Did you also know that normal fabric softeners coat towels in oil and actually decrease the absorbency of towels? I also agree that they tend to fluff up our clothes more.

3) Decreases Drying Time?

To test this, I gave our new little dryer balls the harshest test we can give them in our home: all of our bedding. Our sheets, our blankets, our mattress pad, etc. all stepped up to test the dryer balls. While I think that the balls helped to separate and fluff these items, I don’t think it reduced drying time 15-25%. I do think it helped with our blankets (fluffiest, most lint-inducing things EVER). I only had to run them through two dry cycles instead of three or four. My test in this area was less than scientific. Since our dryer determines drying time on perceived dryness, I didn’t get an accurate test since I based it on number of cycles. I did notice though that all the bedding dried evenly. Usually when I wash and dry sheets and blankets parts will be dry and the areas that got tangled were wet. That didn’t happen with these. I think for bulkier items like bedding it would be better to have four dryer balls instead of two. I think the little dryer balls are not quite heavy enough to move around bulkier items.

As far as our lighter loads: towels and whites, I do think that it helped dry these faster. When I watched the dryer at the beginning of the cycles (I know, I’m a nerd) the dryer balls definitely lifted and moved apart the pieces of clothing more than not having them. Sometimes our wet clothes cling to the edge of the dryer and plop to the bottom when they reach the top of their orbit, but not with these. Right from the beginning they fluff-ily turned around in the dryer.

Overall for this section, I’m not sure they really decrease drying time by 15-25%. I do think they decrease time some, but not by that much, and it definitely depends on the size of the load and type of load.

As for longevity, only time will tell, but with a 2 year warranty, these are going to save us money – no more buying dryer sheets for us! As with our laundry detergent, we have to find some poor soul to dump the rest of our dryer sheets on, because I don’t want to won’t use them again!

Scented Sticks

These were a splurge for us. Honestly, we bought these to bulk up our purchase to get free shipping (through Amazon). But after our first use of them, I might be hooked. If you’re looking for scented clothes, choose these. We used just one stick in one ball (instead of one in both). This left our towels lightly scented with a true and natural scent. It’s significantly better then chemical scents – it’s like walking through a lavender field. Seriously, the ability to add the scent stick could be my new favorite feature of the Nellie’s dryer balls.

My overall consensus? Another resounding yes for Nellie’s!