As I was griping yesterday about our basil not popping up yesterday, the basil was working on proving me wrong! Last night when C came home we went over and checked the seedlings, and there they were, still bent over in the dirt, but definitely coming up! Here’s what they looked like tonight!

I’m so proud of them! (Is it weird to be proud of seedlings?)

I think one of the craziest things about planting seeds is taking this infinitely tiny seed and sticking it in dirt and suddenly up pops this plant that’s going to be food! God’s pretty amazing isn’t He? He put all the important information into one little speck of a thing that suddenly knows to do something when it’s in dirt. It just amazes me.

And the other exciting thing: we planted our Walla Walla sweet onions tonight! You have to start them early before planting them outside, so we have more little plants lining our window sills. We had to stop buying seeds that required early planting because we’re running out of window sills (that happens with only four single-wide windows). See?

Ten days and counting until these little beauties start popping up! (Walla Walla onions can grow up to 2lbs…did you know that?)