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We have been enjoying our newfound respect for all natural cleaning products. Beyond the appealing fragrances, natural ingredients, and aesthetic packaging, we have been blown away by the impressive results of these products.

Caldrea Sandalwood Riceflower Hand SoapI have noticed how much better our Caldrea hand soap works than any other brands we’ve ever had. One thing I noticed right away was it’s ability to break through oily build up. It’s done an amazing job of breaking away butter, oil, and anything else that usually takes a good dose of hot-as-you-can-handle water with plenty of soap lathered up.

My car’s headlight went out the other day so today I had to change it out. I was successful and have a nice new bulb, but at the expense of my clean hands. I got a good amount of grime and grease on my hands, as can often happen when working under the hood. I was all ready for the normal routine of washing off my hands a few times to get in there good and make sure I get my hands nice and clean.

Usually I would use a nice big glob of orange shop soap, but we didn’t have any on hand so I thought I’d give the Caldrea soap a shot. I started off with a little dab to try to wash off some surface grime. I noticed right away as I started lathering up the soap, it started penetrating through the grease down to my fingers. I rubbed it all around and noticed the soap acquiring the nasty black and grey color from my hands. I rinsed it off and my hands were almost spotless.

I used another small amount of soap to make sure my hands were nice and sanitized for handling food, but I was beyond amazed at how well it worked!  I never knew an everyday hand soap product could be so effective on even the hardest problems. It was almost like one of those over-the-top advertisements about a soap being “tough on stains but soft on your hands” somehow meeting and beating all claims and expectations!