I maybe a little too prematurely excited about spring coming, but I opened our windows up today anyways. There’s nothing like fresh air to make your world smell a little cleaner. I’m not quite sure what it is, probably just the air flow, but it makes it feel better. Everything needs to be aired out every once in awhile.

Really this was motivated by a couple things.

1. I seriously think our neighbor (who smokes…eeee yuck) knows when I’m working my hardest and cleaning the house with nice, chemical-free products. The last several times I’ve cleaned, stale cigarette smoke seems to seep in. So, I decided since it’s not raining today, that it would be a good opportunity to get some airflow. This place needs it! And sometimes, a little fresh air is essential to cleaning!

2. We working on growing some onions. I’ve read several places that this is a cool-weather crop. As in, they like to be in ground in early spring – even before it’s had a chance to really warm up. You’re supposed to start them inside several weeks (like 12 or 14) early. We’re trying to get them into the ground sometime in April (as weather, and the onions, allow). But, I decided today that they’re looking like they want some fresh air. (Actually, they’re still just dirt and seed. They’re not supposed to start popping up until Saturday). But, I think everyone needs some fresh air to feel good, including our little onions-to-be.

Want to see what our little herb garden is up to?

Our Over-Zealous Basil Seedlings

Mint: Our Official Late-Bloomers (Yes, this is just dirt)

Our Leggy Oregano

Rosemary: Early Bloomers and FAST Growers!

Rosemary: The Loner

It’s been so much fun to grow these herbs so far! I feel (again) a little bit like a proud parent. It’s so amazing how different each of the seedlings grow!


These ones came up late, but what they lacked in speed they made up in numbers! These guys are crowding each other out, and soon we’ll have to thin them out (which is sad because it means choosing who will stay and who will die :()…thankfully SOME are planted far enough apart that they will go on to new homes of friends and family!


I am SO rooting for mint. I have a recipe for some AMAZING tea that is passed down from my great (-great?) grandmother. It’s absolutely amazing and requires fresh mint leaves. So come on little buddies, pop up!


These ones crack me up. They were the first to pop up, but they are also the scrawniest looking ones. They’re supposed to be, but it doesn’t mean they don’t look like they’re in a race to be tallest. One of the late-comers in the group (the tall one in the back) just gets taller and taller and taller, still with just two mini little leaves.


The shockers of the group! They’re still not technically supposed to come up until tomorrow, but they’re happily pushing their way up and are they fastest growing by far. We’re lucky. Apparently rosemary seeds are hard to grow from seed (with only 5% viability – only 5/100 seeds grow). So far we have five seedlings! And I’m being EXTRA careful not to water them too much. After reading some forums online, apparently the seedlings topple over and die if watered too much. So here’s hoping they survive!

This is also our only perennial herb. Once it gets more mature we’ll probably plant it in its own new planter so that it has room to grow and breathe (and hopefully last through the year!)

Funny side note about these: if you look at the first picture of rosemary, the one on the right has dirt clinging to its left leaf. This one (the first one to come up) also decided to come up with a mouthful of dirt (YUM!)