So I would be lying if I didn’t say that this was one of my most girly (and self-indulgent) road tests yet. But the idea intrigued me to no end – all natural nail polished that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and solvents so doesn’t smell like nail polish? Who’s ever heard of a nail polish that truly doesn’t smell bad? So, I was dying to try out Scotch Naturals.

I first discovered Scotch when I was digging around on EWG’s cosmetic database: Skin Deep. I started trying to find products with the least impact on our bodies, and I stumbled upon Scotch as the lowest ranked (as in lowest chemicals, only a rating of a 1 out of 10 – on this site a low rating is a GREAT rating). I did some google snooping then and found out that many people loved this brand and that this is one of the only brands safe for pregnant women and children. And the most curious thing of all? No nail polish smell.

There were some reports of people being unhappy with this polish as it chips easier than conventional polish, but I was willing to give it a shot. To me, even if this polish lasted half the time as conventional nail polish – the health trade offs would be worth it!

So, when I saw that I could get this brand on Abe’s Natural Market with free shipping one weekend, I knew this was my chance. The polish is pricier (retails for $14.99), so I definitely waited for at lease free shipping – as there is no where to get in Oregon, yet. On Abe’s you can “share” your purchase with 3 other people (basically it emails them, telling them about what you bought) and you get 10% off. Good for me, good for them.

What is in Scotch Naturals?

POLISH: This is my favorite part because there’s only three ingredients: water, acrylic polymer emulsion, and non toxic colorants!

POLISH REMOVER: water, tall oil fatty acids & alcohols (plant based), nonionic surfactant, organic buffer

No ingredients that will leech into your skin and blood stream to wreak havoc! AND no smelly ingredients!

A little bit on Use

Since this nail polish is water-based and not solvent-based, you have to give a little more attention to your nails than you have with other nail polishes (like buff jojoba oil into your nails). With an order, Scotch adds a nice little tutorial on how to prep and care for your nails using this polish. You can read it here (scroll down to where it says “For a long finish”. But, in the long run, with proper attention, this nail polish claims to actually improve the healthy of your nails. I’ll have to wait for that one, but I’m glad it says you won’t ever have to worry about that nasty yellow-nail outcome from conventional nail polishes and acetone!

The Testing

So much fun. Who doesn’t want to test safe-for-you cosmetics??

When the box arrived on our doorstep, I rushed out and opened it right up. Seriously, I was like a kid at Christmas. I couldn’t wait to tear into the package!

This is what was inside:

(Keep in mind, I ordered the Polish remover too, separately…and this picture was taken after I used the buffer, hence the wear.)

I made myself get some housework done before I dove it – it did give me the motivation to get things done quickly!

Once I finished some chores I decided to paint my toes and buffed them with Jojoba Oil (as per the instructions) and began to paint. My first reaction was that I felt like I was trying to smell that nasty nail polish smell. I even opened it up and held it to my nose, trying to detect a faint scent, but really there wasn’t any. Which is great! No more headaches while painting!

The polish goes on thinner than normal polish, but seemed to glide on a little better for me. My favorite aspect (contrary to today’s times) was that the nail polish dries slow. I’m by no means an expert nail-painter and the slower drying time helped me touch up the areas I missed with out a big half-dried gloppy mess I usually have. Keep in mind, this nail polish does require several minutes (they suggest three, but I waited longer) between coats.

The result though is flawless. I love the feel of it more than normal polish. Once dry, it has a smooth, glossy finish. C even mentioned how much it shines. If the polish gets dull after a couple of days, you can even buff it up with the smooth side of the buffer to increase the gloss. The polish feels different to the touch, and I did notice that you need to be careful within the first 24 hours or so to not chip or dent the polish. I really didn’t have much of a problem with it though. I guess if you are super active and rough on your hands it could be an issue.

I was also worried about prolonged water exposure. I had read that some people had the nail polish chip severely after long showers. I’m notorious for taking warm showers, and worried that the next morning would be the end of the polish. Not so! I’m not quite sure how the person who gave the review had all the polish chip off, but I didn’t have that problem. Maybe if I had consciously picked at them they would have, but not with normal use.

I waited to do this blog post so I could honestly comment on the wear and tear durability of this polish. See for yourself:

Polish after 5 days wear.

Some chipping, but not bad.

I didn’t see a big difference in the wear of this polish compared to conventional. It seems that the tips wear down a little faster, and if you do touch-ups post-polish drying, those areas are prone to chipping (my mistake). But overall, this is about the average amount of chipping I get compared to conventional polish. In fact, I think the chipping factor is even less. The areas I had chipped were where nail polish had pooled and I didn’t fix it before it dried (this happens with conventional polish too). The big difference in chipping is if you’re not careful, this tends to peel if you pick at the chips. The dried consistency is more “rubbery” than conventional polish and adheres to itself rather well, so you may be able to peel off a whole bunch at one time if you tried. But if you don’t pick, this will last as well as conventional polish.

My favorite hidden bonus is that I can paint my nails while C is home – even when sitting right next to him because it doesn’t smell bad! 🙂

The final conclusion

I really like Scotch Naturals. It’s safe for you – which is worth more than anything. It doesn’t smell bad. And it has some pretty awesome colors. The only downsides are it could come off faster than conventional polish (if you’re the peeling type) and (this one is completely my fault) the color Kiltlifter is a little more of an orange-y red than a pink red. I thought it was more pink (as it looks on the Scotch website), but it’s not, so I have three VERY similar polishes now. Darn.

But, if you’re looking for a safer alternative to conventional polish, have been told by a doctor not to use conventional polish because of being pregnant, breastfeeding or another medical problem, take this opportunity to buy Scotch. You won’t be disappointed 🙂