Honestly, this is part of the reason that the whites are now my favorite load of laundry. (Yes, I DO have a favorite load.)

I have to thank Caldrea for getting me hooked on their Sweet Pea Stain Remover. I would never had tried it, but I received a sample of it when I got the samples of the other scents in the dish soap. They don’t have dish soap in Sweet Pea, so they scent the stain remover.

I was highly suspicious that this would really remove stains. I grew up as a Shout(R)* and Spray and Wash(R) stain remover kind of person, and to be honest I had never been over-the-top excited about their stain remover capabilities. Sure, they got out a lot of stains, but there also were a lot that they never really seemed to do anything for. I was then even more skeptical that a natural stain-remover would work (still trying to break from the mind set that chemicals are better).

So my first test for this stain remover was a rather ambitious one – underarm stains, which as you know is an accumulation, so they’re by far not fresh stains. I had read somewhere online that if you put stain remover under the arms of your shirts before every washing it will help prevent underarm stains. While I am not nearly as religious as that, I decided I would give it a try on my favorite white t-shirt that was starting to look less white.

I put the stain remover under the arms, waited for about 15 minutes (it doesn’t say to wait quite that long, but I thought longer was better). So I put it on, did some other chores and came back. I didn’t see a significant difference by any means, so I rinsed it off and threw it in the washing machine. Oh well, I’d try it on something else.

But then, the cycle was over and pull the shirt out and laid it out to dry. I looked under the arms and there was a distinct circle where the majority of the stain remover had been sitting. What?! This stain remover actually helps eliminate UNDERARM STAINS! I didn’t think anything could do that! I’ve used it multiple times under the arms of that specific t-shirt as sort of a test shirt and it seems that every time I wash it with the stain remover it gets even lighter, which is an amazing thing because that t-shirt was getting to be on the verge of replacement-needed due to the stains.

Keep in mind that it does seem to help that I’m teaming this stain remover up with Nellie’s Laundry Soda and Nellie’s Oxy Brightener, which those on combined without the stain remover have worked wonders on making our whites whiter. The Caldrea Sweet Pea Stain Remover itself works wonders on targeted stains. I haven’t met a stain yet that this product hasn’t eliminated (most of them without a trace!). I haven’t had the opportunity (thank goodness :)) to test this product on grass or coffee or chocolate stains, so there are some stains that I have yet to try (and unlike expensive TV commercials, I can’t afford to randomly test stains to see how it works!). The only stains that it hasn’t been able to completely eliminate are nasty mildewy stains on our rags from washing the bathroom (don’t judge) or deep set-in stains from our rags that we use for our dishes. It makes them lighter, of course, but some still remain at the end of the wash. At least they’re two things that won’t ever be on our clothes!

The bottom line? Yes, I am absolutely recommending this product. If nothing else I bought it for eliminating underarm stains – it’s saving the life span of our white clothes! But I’ve also been impressed to see it remove many organic stains.

Once again, a win for a natural product!

As an added bonus, I was able to find the stain remover for a reasonable price on drugstore.com, they currently have a sale (through today!) where you can buy two Caldrea products, and get $2 off. I was able to buy two bottles of stain remover (one for my mom and one for me) for $6.99 each! (They’re normally $10 each on the Caldrea site). Also, if you’re a first time buyer on drugstore.com, you receive free shipping on orders over $25.

*As a side note, I was researching whether Shout (R) was safe for people or not. While I was looking, I came upon a British website (I would post it here, but I can’t remember) where it stated how to clean up a Shout(R) spill safely. Let’s just say it involves haz-mat like suits. That in and of itself makes me want to get rid of a practically unused bottle of that stuff. Who knows what’s leeching into our skin if it doesn’t get completely rinsed off!