I really wanted to like these. Because honestly, what could be a better combination for fall flavors than pumpkin and chocolate?
But, I didn’t.
C likes them and they’re fine, but they’re not at all what I wanted them to be. I’m a HUGE texture person. (Just ask my poor mom who had to deal with making separate sides of cakes/brownies/etc. without nuts. I think she loves me. A lot.). And, I like the texture of my granola bars to be slightly crunchy/chewy: not completely crunchy or completely chewy. These fell on the chewy side of the spectrum. While the taste of these is pretty good (though I’d like more pumpkin flavor), the texture to me was that of soggy oats, which is basically what this bar is. Baked, soggy oats.
I got the recipe here, from Two Peas and Their Pod. I don’t want to be too harsh about this recipe because I love this blog for the wealth of unique recipes (did you know you can make your own Wheat Thins?!). So don’t give up on that blog, take a look around while you’re there because I really do love it :).
So what am I going to do about these? Experiment! I’ll probably tweak the recipe for the apple granola bars and make them pumpkin or take this recipe and add crunchy stuff.
I’ll make sure to report back! (Though we have to get through all of our current granola bars before I can add more!)