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Thanks to Purex, you can get a whole year’s subscription to Parents Magazine! How awesome is that?!

Just head over here and enter this code: PX1620

P.S. And I PROMISE to get up pictures and details of the recent Strawberry-Palooza over here. Freezer jam and strawberry-rhubarb pie!


If you haven’t already heard, I’m a Purex Insider. It’s pretty neat. I get samples of their products and get to tell all you wonderful people about them.

This time around I got a sample of Purex Complete with Zout Free and Clear:

It’s a good concept, who doesn’t want to skip the step of pre-treating stains and just throw you laundry – stains and all – straight into the machine? How do they do it? By using “three powerful stain-fighting enzymes”*

  • Protease: works against protein based stains such as grass and blood.
  • Amylase: works against starchy stains such as chocolate and tomato sauce.
  • Mannanase: works against guar, which is used as a thickener in many foods, such as ice cream, barbecue sauce, and salad dressing because it’s super sticky.”*

They’ve got their bases covered, I think!

So what did I think? Well, first, I was a little wary of using liquid laundry soap again and of using it on a load that had relatively no stains. Would it be too harsh on my not-so-soiled clothes?

To give a completely honest review, I tried this on my highly coveted whitest-whites. I knew if this detergent would have an adverse affect on any load it would be this one (since I had worked so hard to rid them of liquid laundry detergent-induced yellow tinge). So, I held my breath, threw in the whites, added the detergent and pushed go. And waited.

Happily my whites came out still bright white and fresh smelling. And no harm done! I’d say if you’re looking for a good budget-friendly, good cleaning detergent I’d go with Purex with Zout (Retailing from $3.49 – $7.99). You can choose Free and Clear (like I did for a more “eco friendly” approach) or the traditional scented, which I love too (remember, Purex was always my go to prior to switching to all natural. It’s still my favorite scented detergent). Also, these detergents are compatable with HE machines.

Now how about what you’re all really here for:

The giveaway! (Hooray! Our first official giveaway on our blog!)

Here’s what you could win:

I have TWO coupons for a Free full sized Detergent for two lucky readers, compliments of Purex.

Here’s how to enter (only #1 required, #2-#4 are optional):

  1. Tell us how Purex with Zout could make your life a little easier
  2. Subscribe to The Little Green Homemaker
  3. “Like” Purex on facebook.
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Leave a separate comment for each entry. Enjoy!

Contest closes April 30th at 11 pm PST. Winners will be selected using and will be announced on the blog and emailed.

Good luck!

And while you’re waiting, why not request a free sample? 🙂

*All areas in quotations are taken from a Purex-supplied fact sheet to help you all understand their product.